We have made some great links over recent years:

Of course everyone in Brighton’s youth crime team knows Ben White and what a fantastic project BFC is. Often a youth worker will send a kid to us as a way to manage their anger, discipline or control.

We are now accredited family activity providers with the nationally recognised organisation Kallikids where we achieve near perfect feedback score from the kids and parents who come to BFC!

Who have donated kit, invaluable time and helped with coaching. We use them as a conduit towards a career in boxing should we feel someone has outgrown what we have to offer

Brighton sports shop where we have most recently been to replace some knackered old gloves. They have given us so much more than we came in for practically at stock cost for which we are extremely grateful and of course now consider our lifelong suppliers!

We have recently gained a useful link with Sussex police who have sent us a few kids, and recently sent Ben this email:Hi Ben, I spoke with x’s mum the other day who says he is really enjoying the boxing and it seems to be pretty much the only thing in his life which he is enjoying and aspiring to continue and improve with. He isnt engaging very well with the teachers who come to study at home with him and he seems to have a bit of a lack of respect issue. He speaks very highly of his boxing and the people he is working with there and to date, we have had no reports of him causing trouble, no need to visit his address etc. So that’s great news and a great testament to you.Regards, PC Jimmy CONWAY Sussex Police Serving Sussex

We have very fortunately won a years funding from this scheme which has allowed us to increase our sessions from 1x to 2x per week. This is great news for us as it allows us to cover much more each week and the progress the club as a whole is making has really accelerated.

We are able to send and kids who we feel should want onto a panel to gain access an ASDAN CoPE Boxing course which takes aspiring boxers through a course of boxing fitness and theoretical application resulting in a nationally recognised GCSE.

And we are very open to making more links locally and further afield. We are currently in discussions about putting on a BFC roadshow so if your youthclub, school or sports group may be interested in getting involved with us please do get in touch.